Need to buy a flagpole? Have a look at our range of flagpoles below. We stock a huge array of flagpoles suited for indoor and outdoor events or permanent display. If you can't find what you're looking for, please give us a call on 01509 501 180 and we'll be happy to help.

Ground Flagpoles Wall Flagpoles Advertising/Portable Flagpoles
A massive range of ground installed Flagpoles. Heights range from 3.5 metres to 10 metres and in either Aluminium or Fibreglass. Great for flying your company flag or showing a bit of National pride. Wall mounted poles available in 1.5 to 6 metre heights and with angled or vertical wall brackets. Ideal for a shop front or the side of a building. Portable and advertising flagpoles with a range of bases to suit all ground types and provide real portability. Bases are available to suit soft or hard ground, inside and outdoor uses. Ideal uses for these flagpoles are exhibitions, events and car garage forecourts.
Teardrop Flags Indoor Flagpoles Feather Flags
Teardrop Flags are great for outdoor events such as festivals or golf days. They look great because of their unique "teardrop" shape and are so easy to install which takes all the stress out of setting up your display. Flagpoles for Indoor usage, ranging from 1.5 metres to 3 metres, with a choice of bases that hold 1 to 3 poles. Suitable for conferences, foyer or reception rooms. Feather Flagpoles are probably the most popular type of portable flagpole. Lost cost, easy installation and versatile use are just some of the reasons why.
Fibreglass Flagpoles Flagpole Accessories Ceremonial Flagpoles
Fibreglass Flagpoles are a prestigious 1 piece tapered flagpole. They look great outside a company headquarters, school or university. For all your flagpole accessories. Bases, Finials, Halyard flagpole rope, Cleats and more Ceremonial Flags and Flagpoles for ceremonies, parades and any other formal occasions.
Forecourt Flagpoles
Forecourt flagpoles are great to fly flags showing off your services. MOT, Services, aircon re-gas flags and more. Forecourt flagpoles are available with free standing bases or drive on bases.


Why choose our flagpoles?

There are plenty of Flagpole suppliers out there so why choose us? Here at FlagsandFlagpoles.co.uk we've been around for a while (established in 1987) so we like to think we've got a good idea of what we're doing. All our flagpoles are kept in stock at our purpose built warehouse in the midlands. Strict quality control is in process to make sure you get the best quality flagpole for your needs at what are probably the lowest prices you'll find in the UK. We offer a huge range of flagpoles from ground mounted poles to portable poles and handheld poles. For something a bit more eye catching why not have a look at our feather flags. They are lightweight, portable and are available with a range of base types to fit in all types of ground.

What flagpole should i get?

There are a lot more to flagpoles than you think. Different heights, ground or wall fixings, internal or external halyard rope system, different finials, portable, temporary or permanent display are just some of the things to bear in mind when choosing your flagpole. To help you in your journey to find a suitable flagpole, you can request a copy of our guide to choosing a flagpole.